Bandera España

Price by person and month

18-19 years 33,58€
20-24 years 39,88€
25-30 years 41,28€

Minimal stay in Spain:

3 months

Maximal insurance period:

12 months

We care of you like at home


¿Are you studying in Spain and you worry about healthcare?

Spanish Healthcare ranks is eight worldwide according to a study in The Lancet and ranks third in according to Bloomberg.


If you are a foreign student between 18 and 30 in Spain you can have access to:

  • Customer care in English and documentation in English and German
  • First calss healthcare coverage in the best private hospitals
  •  Over 35.000 healthcare centers and 1.000 professionals at your service
  • Valid from the first day: no vesting period
  • Emergency service when travelling abroad
  • Includes dental health
  • Full healthcare asistance
  • Without vesting time
  • Without co-payment
  • Repatriation in case of death

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